Some of you are thinking, “YES!”, and the rest, “Do I have to?”   Dance!?  Yes, dance!  Salsa, foxtrot, hip-hop, boogie-woogie, swing or African, it doesn’t really matter, but dancing is the healthiest kind of exercise for your immune system and to slow aging.

We all know exercise is good for us, but should we all go out dancing instead of going to the gym?  Well, maybe.  There’s something about rhythmic movement that is even better than random, non-rhythmic, even aerobic exercise.

A dozen rhythms are built in to the operating systems of our bodies—our heartbeat, the rhythm of our breathing, the night-day rhythm of our sleep-wake cycle, and the complex hormonal rhythms controlled by our pituitaries.  Our bodies are made to synchronize with rhythms, and exercising to rhythm (music) reinforces the natural healing rhythms of our bodies.

Swimming, rowing, jogging, biking and even walking are inherently rhythmic exercises.  Add a bit of music and you can make these the “dance of biking” or the “dance of rowing.”  Even cardiac rehab programs have caught on as doctors learn that sending post-op patients to dance class is better than to traditional treadmill-style cardiac rehab classes.

Thankfully, music has become even more portable and personal – iPods, CD players and small portable radios are great ways to add more rhythm to your usual workouts.  So put some spring in your step and bounce in your ball game to enhance your workouts and get the benefit of dancing for your immune system.  

Not only is dancing healthier for you, it will also put a smile on your face and a song in your heart.  Read more about dancing and its effect on health and aging in UltraLongevity.

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