You’re floating in a warm bath the size of a swimming pool; you smell jasmine and lavender; colored lights stream through stained glass windows; soft music calms your soul as gentle ripples lap against your utterly relaxed body. 

A foot massage, a whirlpool, a scalp massage or just the loving touch of a spouse or friend.  There are many ways we can create a soothing environment around us. Our immune system feels calm when we live in a stress-free, soothing environment. Noise, glare, harsh lighting, stark surroundings, unpleasant odors and pollution contribute to making your environment stressful and more challenging for your immune system. 

When you feel uneasy and stressed as a result of a chaotic environment, so does your immune system.  As your primary defense system, your immune system responds negatively to a chaotic and stressful environment. 

One reason why our guests at Canyon Ranch feel so rejuvenated after a visit is due to the soothing environment.  They’re rubbed and massaged, warmed, fed well and pampered.  They’ve listened to soothing music, smelled beautiful aromas, gazed at intricate art and relaxed in cozy overstuffed chairs or chez lounges. 

The good news is that your environment is largely under your control. This is the part of Canyon Ranch people can bring home with them.  You can put flowers out, draw yourself a hot bath, play soothing music in your house, hang shades to filter out harsh light, and display your favorite art pieces. All of these will help your immune system to feel calm, peace, at ease, and soothed.

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